An Eye To the Future

Buddy (as "Diamond In the Rough") gets heavily into the CB scene; Kate decides to go back to college; Doug does a stint on the bench. James Woods: piano prof.

Written by Hindi Brooks and Michael Barlow; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Glenn Jordan. Murray Matheson: Sandor Pratt. James Woods: Dr. Robert Styles. Priscilla Morrill: Elaine Hogan. Lew Horn: mailman.

Doug (to Kate): What'd you do today?
Kate: I took my first and last Chinese cooking lesson.
Buddy: Last? Why, mom?
Kate: I decided I don't wanna know what to do with a wok.
Buddy: A wok? You thwow it at a wabbit! Anyone knows that.
Willie: You're slipping, Peaches.

[Kate has just announced she will be looking for a job; Willie opens a newspaper.]
Willie: Mom, here it is: "Middle-aged man wishes to meet attractive middle-aged woman. Must be strict disciplinarian. Costume supplied. No freaks need apply."
Buddy: That sounds weird. What's it supposed to mean?
Kate: I don't think I fill the bill, Willie. If I were a strict disciplinarian, you wouldn't have the nerve to read that thing to me. But I appreciate your interest.
Buddy: I still don't get it.
Kate: You got yourself into it, smartie, now get yourself out. I'll get the coffee. [gets up]
Buddy: Well?
Willie: See, once there was this guy named the Marquis de Sade... He had a very large birdcage...