Taking Chances - part II

After spending an eternity as a blind man whose youngest daughter despises him, Doug finally musters up the courage to have the operation -- and, of course, all's well.

Written by Hindi Brooks; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Glenn Jordan. Donald Moffat: Philip Raskin. John Harkins: Bertrand Hammond. Robert Symonds: Dr. Herman. Jessica Rains: Ruth. Woody Skaggs: John Kreiger.

Kate: Darling! It's a beautiful morning; let's have breakfast on the patio. You'd feel so much better if you got out of this room.
Doug: Maybe you're right.
Kate: Here's your robe. The more you move around the house, the easier it'll be for you.
Doug: Tell that to the furniture.
Kate: Buddy, I wanna ask you a favor. Your father's coming down to have breakfast in the garden; I think he'd like it if you sat with him.
Buddy: Uh-uh, I can't.
Kate: Buddy!
Buddy: Well, he's not coming down, anyway.
Kate: He is! He was just getting up to get dressed when I came downstairs.
Buddy: Well, he's not, now. He's sitting in his chair, just like yesterday and the day before.
Kate: Did something happen?
Buddy: Yeah. He decided to stay blind.