Comings and Goings

Willie and Salina decide to live together; Sylvia Maitland uses the Lawrences' house as a refuge after a fight with her husband.

Teleplay by David Jacobs; story by Glenn Jordan and David Jacobs; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. Season Hubley: Salina Magee. Byron Morrow: Jeffrey Maitland, Sr. Robert Symonds: Dr. Herman. Barbara Cason: Sylvia Maitland. Seth Allen: paperhanger. Helen Lockwood: assistant paperhanger. Michael David Schackelford: Timmy Maitland. Laura Jaimie Ashborn: Jenny.

[Two paper-hangers come down the stairs, carrying ladders, buckets, and mops]
Kate: You're not finished?
Paper-hanger #1: We're not?
Kate: You are?
Paper-hanger #1: Yes!
Kate: That's remarkable. I can't wait to see it.
Paper-hanger #1: Well, it don't look too good right now, but you're gonna love it when we're finished.
Kate: You just said you were finished.
Paper-hanger #1: We are. For the day.
Kate: Oh, I see. You'll be back on Monday.
Paper-hanger #1: Yeah. Right.
Kate: Um... May I ask you something?
Paper-hanger #1: Sure.
Kate: How did I discover you?
Paper-hanger #2: Your regular guy retired, remember? And, uh, you let your fingers do the walking.
Kate: Ah. Well, bye-bye.
Paper-hanger #2: Bye.
Paper-hanger #1: Ciao. [exeunt]
Kate: I shouldn't complain. I always loved Laurel and Hardy.
Kate: ... Sylvia Maitland has just dropped in to see Nancy.
Doug: Well, she's only Nancy's ex-mother-in-law.
Kate: She's only Nancy's been-everywhere, know-it-all ex-mother-in-law, and she makes me very nervous.
Doug: Well, she may not even come over here.
Kate: Oh, yes, she will. She likes me. She thinks I'm quaint.
Nancy: Mother, uh, there's -- there's a bit of a crisis.
Kate: I know, I saw her drive up.
Nancy: No, it's a little more serious than that.
Kate: That's hard to imagine.
Sylvia: And that's your new wallpaper! It's adorable.
Kate: Thanks.
Sylvia: Whenever I see it in restaurants, I always admire it.