An Endangered Species

A recently-divorced friend wants to hang out with Kate; Nancy gets upset when a classmate asks to use her place for an affair with a married man.

Written by Oliver and Elizabeth Hailey; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Peter Werner. William Windom: Howard Stone. Anne Schedeen: Susie Robinson. Susan Cotton: Rita. Sam de Fazio: Mark. Michael David Schackelford: Timmy Maitland.

Buddy: Listen: "Entries must be 10 words or less. Postmarked no later than midnight."
Willie: Oh, count me out, Peaches.
Buddy: Willie, come on! Listen! You come up with one line, and we can win 25 thousand dollars.
Willie: Aaah... I love that "we." I come up with the jingle, and you win.
Buddy: OK. How does... 20 percent grab ya?
Willie: Loosely. Why don't you try 50.
Buddy: 35, my best offer. Come on, Willie, one line, 10 words or less. Here we go. "To avoid detection / For day-long protection / Use it at seven --"
Willie: ... And you'll smell to high heaven.
[Buddy thwaps him with the newspaper]
Doug: Is all this noise absolutely necessary at the breakfast table?
Buddy: Dad, it's a golden opportunity.
Doug: Silence is golden.
Buddy: Well, excuuuse me! I think I'll go to school, where I'm allowed to express myself.
Doug: Why'd you invite Howard, anyway? He was never a favorite of yours.
Kate: Oh, he's alright. Besides, he chose me -- I met him in the market. He was buying TV dinners, and girl-watching.
Doug: Kate.
Kate: Well, ever since he and Charlotte separated, he's been... girl-watching.
Doug: Now, we don't know that. That's just rumor.
Kate: Well, maybe. But he certainly was eyeing the tomatoes.
Nancy: Hi, I'm dropping Timmy and going to school. Can I give you a lift anywhere?
Willie: Aw, thanks, but I've got to get this résumé done. And the way I'm going, it'll probably take me all day.
Nancy: Your résumé shouldn't take that long.
Willie: Oh, thanks. That's not the problem -- the "a" on this typewriter won't work.
Nancy: Ah. Well, use your imagination. Try and think of synonyms that don't have "a"s in them.
Willie: Oh, that's a good idea. Let's see... "photoenlargement"... How does "photoenbigment" sound?
Kate: Daddy had to go down to Newport for a couple of days. Do you have any plans for tonight?
Nancy: Well, Robert Redford called, but [shakes head] I'm so bored with blonds...
Kate: Well, in that case, how about going out on the town with a brunette?