Monday Is Forever

Kate has to wait until Monday to find out whether she has cancer; Buddy and her friend Laura Richardson (Kim Richards) have until Monday, when the latter's family is scheduled to move to Detroit.

Written by Armyan Bernstein; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Glenn Jordan. Kim Richards: Laura Richardson. Oliver Clark: T-shirt salesman. Cliff Emmich: hot dog vendor. Robert Sampson: Dr. Reston. Melendy Britt: Mrs. Richardson. Priscilla Morrill: Elaine Hogan. William Putch: Fred Hogan. Al Stellone: moving man. Liam Dunn: Mr. Howard.

Buddy: We need to seal our friendship, so that it stays that way forever.
Laura: I could tell you my deepest secret that I've never told anyone before. And you could tell me yours.
Buddy (derisively): I already did, and so did you.
Laura: Oh yeah.

Laura (looking through an array of t-shirts): What about "Keep on truckin'"?
Buddy: I don't even know what that means.

Buddy (playing checkers with Willie): This is boring.
Willie: If you learn how to play chess, then we could have some fun.
Buddy: Fun? Bobby Fischer doesn't look like he has much fun...
Willie: I don't think you'll have Bobby Fischer's problem.