Princess In the Tower

Kate, slightly sick of family life, checks out a model apartment in a brand-new high-rise condo -- and gets trapped overnight, along with a very pregnant younger woman (Kim Darby); Buddy has the bright idea of dyeing her hair blonde.

Written by Carol Evan McKeand; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. Kim Darby: Lily Barker. Mitzi McCall: Sally. Robert Lussier: real estate agent. Erica Yohn: Molly. Tomoyuki Takei: Yuri. Larry Muraicami: Larry. Grayce Grant: wife. Fred Carney: husband.

Buddy: Wall to wall laundry... Yucka! [piles an armful of clothes on one of the kitchen chairs]
Doug: A woman's work is never done.
Willie: You better not let Mom ever hear you say that.
Doug: Yeah, that's right... Those cracks aren't permitted anymore, even in jest.
[pause. Willie picks up a pair of socks from the pile]
Willie (in a deep voice): Miss Lawrence, what would you say if I offered you fifty dollars for this bedraggled pair of tennis socks?
Buddy: I'd take it, and I'd also say you were crazy.
Willie: Ha ha ha ha! Well, I may be crazy, but nevertheless I'm gonna make that offer -- because, you see, Miss Lawrence, you have been chosen as a contestant in the Battle of the Detergents!
[Everyone laughs. Cut to Kate, pulling into the driveway, repeatedly honking the horn, then going inside]
Willie (in a high-pitched voice): I'll bet all you folks out there in television land think this young lady and I are mother and daughter!
Buddy: People are always getting us confused, but she's really not my mother.
Willie: No, I'm not... I'm her grandmother. Scrape-O has peeled off a half-century of skin off these hands, giving them their youthful appearance!
Kate (walking in): In that case, try using it on the kitchen.
Doug: Ha ha! Kate, honey, you're just in time. Pull up a chair and sit down.
Kate: There doesn't seem to be one free.
Doug: Oh yeah. [surveys the kitchen] Yeah, it's a bit of a mess, isn't it.
Kate: Wrong. It's not a bit of a mess, it's a complete mess. And I'd like you all to know that I have no intention of spending my afternoon cleaning it up.
Buddy: Mom, you don't have to. I already did the laundry, I just didn't fold it.
Kate: So I see. The car's full of groceries; if anyone of you can tear yourself away from all this domestic hilarity, I'd appreciate you bringing them in.
[Kate goes upstairs. Pause.]
Willie: I think she's peeved.
[phone rings; Doug runs to pick it up]
Doug: Hello?
Kate: Doug? I'm alright, I'm coming home.
Doug: Kate! Where are you? What happened?
Kate: I'll explain when I see you, darling.
Doug: We've been --
Kate: Doug...
Doug: What?
Kate: After four generations of lawyers... I think you've got a doctor in the family.
[Buddy is having her hair re-done, at the salon]
Buddy: What about Ravishing Red? That would look dynamite.
Kate: Buddy Brown will be fine.