The Covenant

Doug and his father attend to some unfinished business; Nancy has a miscarriage.

Written by Jack Morton; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by James Sheldon. John Rubinstein: Jeff Maitland. David Wayne: James Lawrence. Millie Slavin: Dr. Carmichael. Michael David Schackelford: Timmy.

Jeff: If you think our daughter won't mind having an unwed mother...
Nancy: If I don't mind being one, our son won't mind having one.
Jeff: She might.
Nancy: I'll make sure he doesn't.
James: I didn't wanna make a big thing of it...
Doug: What?
James: I'm going into the hospital on Friday.
Doug: Hospital... What's wrong?
James: Don't know. That's why they wanna look around.
Doug: Surgery?
James: "Exploratory," they call it. I guess they think they'll find the North Pole in there.
[Buddy is lying on her bed, reading what looks like a textbook]
Kate: Research?
Buddy: I'm trying to figure out what happened with Nancy.
Kate: Have you?
Buddy: Well, I understand the book... But I don't understand why Nancy doesn't seem to care much.
Kate: Oh, she cares, Buddy. I think she's just trying to protect herself. By being very rational.
Buddy: What's so rational about not caring?
Kate: Nothing. I shouldn't have said "rational." I should've said... "technical," "scientific." What Nancy lost was a 3-month-old fetus -- technically, that's not a living baby.
Buddy: When is it alive?
Kate: People disagree about that. Some people think life begins the moment of conception. Or when the fetus starts to move on its own. Or when it's born.
Buddy: You know when I think a fetus is a person?
Kate: When?
Buddy: When it's thought of as a person! When its parents start figuring out what color to paint its room. When its aunt starts wondering whether it'll be a niece or a nephew. Or when its grandmother wonders whether it'll be as cute as its brother.