Sleeping Over

Kate is offended when Willie has a fling with her younger, harp-playing friend (Shelley Long); Buddy is torn when she is invited to join a sorority, and Audrey isn't.

Written by Thom Racina; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. Shelley Long: Joan. Louise Foley: Audrey Pfeiffer. Laura Staylor: Liza. Kim Leslie: Marjorie.

Joan: Hi.
Willie: Hi.
Joan: What d'you think about the tights? Pretty good idea, huh? I had a dance class earlier, and I needed something red to put on the end of the harp, so -- they're certainly red, right?
Willie: They're certainly red.
Joan: Right. Anyway, hey, I'm Joan.
Willie: Hi, my name is --
Joan: Willie. I know, I recognized you from your picture on the piano. You're even better in the flesh.
Willie: Thank you.
Joan: It's alright. I don't mind.
Willie: Mind what?
Joan: You looking at my body that way. See, I keep in shape by lugging this thing all over California.
Willie: Mom, I said I was sorry... We're just very attracted to each other.
Kate: I can understand that.
Willie: OK, then...?
Kate: Just a second. I can understand that. What I can't understand is why all this has to go on under our roof.
Willie: Well, now, I hate to press the point, but it was under my roof. Now, would you rather we had gone off to a motel?
Kate: Frankly... yes. You asked me, and I told you. Joan, I'll be waiting in the living room when you're ready to practice.
Annie: Buddy?
Buddy: What?
Annie: Audrey's downstairs.
Buddy: Now?
Annie: I could tell her you moved.
Kate: I don't want you to leave, Willie, not like this. I don't ever wanna lose you in anger, not ever. But I'm an old-fashioned person, Willie -- and the values I learned are the values I still believe in, and try to live by. I can change, if I'm convinced. I can try to accept your views. But don't expect me to live with them, it's just not possible. I have to be true to myself, too. I am who I am, Willie, you are who you are. It's tough, but that's the way it is.
Willie: Then it's a stalemate.
Kate: No. Because there's a circumstance here that is a natural tie-breaker: I'm still your mother, and I live here for good. If you can't accept that, Willie, then -- much as I'll hate it, you should leave. Just don't go away mad.
Willie: It's just so hard to be an adult, and still be a son.
Kate: I think you're awfully good at both.