From Russia With Love

Kate acts as escort to, and highly impresses, a visiting Ukrainian composer; Buddy and Annie play Monopoly to determine who gets Willie's old room.

Teleplay by Edward Zwick; story by Thom Racina; directed by Richard Kinon. George S. Irving: Alexei. Elya Baskin: Nikolei [sic]. Jo DeWinter: Mrs. Woodbridge. Jeff Gerrard: delivery boy. Frances Bay: Sonia Violett.

Kate: I really wanna meet him. I've had this great big passion for him for years.
Doug: Ah. Oh?
Kate: Oh. I mean, I've had this big passion for his work for years.

Kate: You were telling me about your career...
Alexei Tomashevsky: Ah, yes. So. After I won the Moscow competition, it was decided I would be [a] concert pianist.
Kate: But you were only 10 years old!
Alexei: In my country, there are certain decisions one does not make for oneself.

Delivery boy: Lawrence residence?
Doug: That's right.
Delivery boy: Yeah. These are for...
Doug: You don't have to tell me -- Katya Lawrence.
Delivery boy: I haven't seen this many roses since the last New Year's parade. [accepting tip] Oh, thanks. Uh... would you mind my asking what the occasion is?
Doug: World War Three.