Willie has a fling with a ballet dancer (Stephanie Zimbalist); Doug purchases a work-out set by mail-order.

Written by Edward Zwick; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Edward Zwick. Stephanie Zimbalist: Josie. Rene Auberjonois: Alvin. David Landsberg: waiter. Fred Carney: Thomas.

[Willie is backing into a parking space when he sees Josie headed for it]
Willie: Hey hey hey! Hey, wait a minute, hey lady! I was backing in!
Josie: Not into my parking space.
Willie: What you mean, your parking space?
Josie: Careful now, I'm pulling in.
Willie: Hey, hey! Wait, wait, wait, lady! Wait --
Willie: Terrific!
[they get out of their cars]
Willie: Excuse me, miss, about my parking light -- may I have your name, please, for the insurance?
Josie: Oh, come on.
Willie: What're [sic] "come on"? I need your name for the insurance.
Josie: No!
Willie: What do you mean, "no"?
Josie: No. See ya. [Walks away, and into some building]
Willie: Hey, you can count on it!

[interlude: Doug unpacking his Flex-O-Ciser]

[Josie comes out of the building and tries, in vain, to start her car; Willie walks by and peers into the window]
Willie: Uh, excuse me... I think that's your rotor cap.
[Josie tries again, to no avail]
Willie: As a matter of fact, I'm sure -- that's your rotor cap.
Josie: Oh yeah? How do you know?
[Willie displays the rotor cap in his hand]
Josie: Now you put that back where you found it!
Willie: Pay for my light.
Josie: Your parking light? This was my space.
Willie: You pulled into the spot, you hit my car, and you busted my light.
Josie: Now, that is not true. If you had done as I told you and pulled forward, none of this would've happened. As a matter of fact, I think I --
Willie: Wait a second, wait a second, lady.
Josie: What?
Willie: Why don't you have coffee with me?
Josie: Not on your life!
[cut to them sitting at a table]
Waiter: OK, what'll it be?
Josie: Oh, I don't know. What are you gonna have?
Willie: I don't know.
Josie: Well, how about a chocolate milkshake, extra thick?
Willie: You have a milkshake.
Josie: OK, I will. No no no, I won't.
Willie: She'll have a milkshake. Chocolate, extra thick.
Josie: I can't.
Waiter: OK, we've got how many milkshakes?
Josie: One.
Willie: Two.
Waiter: Got it. Chocolate?
Josie: Extra thick.
[the waiter leaves]
Josie: Thanks. I allow myself about one a month.