Just Like Old Times

Buddy tries to make everyone think she didn't get into any of the schools she applied to; Doug wants Annie to share his obsession with baseball.

[Continuity note: since Jo is mentioned, this episode must take place after "Play On Love" (in which she first appeared), as well as after "Smarts" (in which Buddy was taking the SAT). However, the former aired after this one, while the latter has a higher production number. Thus, neither air dates nor production numbers yield a coherent ordering of the episodes.]

Written by Liz Coe; produced by Edward Zwick; directed by Richard Kinon. Estelle Omens: Miss Applegate. Stephen Keep: Richard Wald. Louise Foley: Audrey Pfeiffer.

Willie: Hey, face it, you've never liked change. Maybe you're just a little scared.
Buddy: Exactly what Audrey said.
Willie: Well, just because Audrey said it doesn't mean it's necessarily stupid.
Doug: Kate, baseball is great for you. When's the last time you hit a home run?
Kate: When I married you, darling.
Kate: Aren't you in bed sort of early?
Doug: Oh, I gotta get a good night's sleep.
Kate: Ah. For the Mini-League try-outs.
Doug: Kate, Annie's got a great arm.
Kate: The last time I looked, she had two of 'em.
Doug: Heh heh. C'mon, come to bed.
Kate: I'm concerned about Buddy. She's talking about taking some kind of driving trip with Willie.
Doug: Oh, she's had a rough day; I'm sure she didn't mean that.
Kate: Still, I'd better talk to her.
Doug: Well, talk to her tomorrow. Talk to me, tonight. C'mon, I'll teach you the squeeze play.
Willie: Hello, Miss Applegate.
Miss Applegate: Willie Lawrence... look at you.
Willie: Then you do remember me.
Miss Applegate: Remember you? You gave me my first migraine!
Willie: I appreciate you making time for me, Miss Applegate.
Miss Applegate: I've so enjoyed being Buddy's guidance counselor. She was a lot easier than you were.
Willie: Yes, I'm sure.
Miss Applegate: What are you doing with yourself, these days?
Willie: Writing.
Miss Applegate: Horses?
Willie: Uh, wriTing. Plays. I'm a writer.
Miss Applegate: I told you -- if you didn't get your high-school diploma, you'd have this problem.
Kate: I understand your fears and uneasiness about college... But why did you feel you had to lie to us? We've never made you do anything you were dead set against.
Buddy: I know.
Kate: Then why?
Buddy: 'Cause there are some things you just can't talk about.
Kate: There was a time when you could tell me everything.
Buddy: When I was a kid.
Kate: Exactly. But even if you're not a kid... we still get along fine, don't we?
Buddy: Better, in a way. Or maybe just differently.
Kate: And it could be that way with Willie, too.
Buddy: I don't wanna talk about Willie.
Kate: Well, I do. Because that's what this is about, isn't it? Not college. It's Willie.
Buddy: No, no! I am glad I'm going to college this fall. At least he won't be there, telling me what to do and how to think.
Kate: Honey, you wanted to go to college all along. The camping trip was just an excuse. You knew we'd find about the acceptances. And you knew once Willie found out, he'd cancel the trip. And then you'd cancel Willie. You contrived a fight to make it easier to say goodbye.
Buddy: That's crazy.
Kate: Yes, it is! You don't have to say goodbye to Willie.
Buddy: But I want to. I am sick and tired of being Willie Lawrence's little sister.
Kate: Then just be his sister.