Doug's father (Henry Fonda) starts showing his age.

Written by Sally Robinson; produced by Edward Zwick; directed by Joanne Woodward. Peter Fonda: James Lawrence. John Considine: Bob Hudson. Nan Martin: Virginia Kabel. Rosemary de Camp: Amelia Stone. Michael David Shackelford: Timmy Maitland. Harriet Medin: Allison Roth. Billie Beck: Baker.

Annie: What are you doing in the closet?
Buddy: Looking for the recipe for Thanksgiving stuffing.
Annie: Any cookbook would have one!
Buddy: This isn't just any recipe; it's Grandpa's favorite. Can't find it anywhere.
Annie: Have you looked under the bed? That's where I always look when I can't find my socks.
Buddy: Next time I wanna stuff a turkey with socks, I'll know where to look.
[Buddy tries to convince James to live with them, rather than in a nursing home]
James: Look, kiddo. I'm 78. I haven't asked anyone for help since I learned to tie my shoes. But if I have to ask for help, I'd rather ask Nurse What's-her-name than my kids.
Buddy: Nurse What's-her-name is just a nurse. We love you.
James: That's the point.
[Meanwhile, Doug is in denial about the whole thing]
Kate: Doug, we have to talk.
Doug: Later.
Kate: That's what you said last night.
Doug: C'mon, Kate. It's Thanksgiving.
Kate: I don't care if it's Chinese New Year's and Lincoln's birthday! You mustn't lie to yourself about this.
Doug: I promised myself I'd jog before breakfast. Can't we postpone this conversation?
Kate: You think I don't understand, but you're wrong.
Doug: You're wrong. I need the exercise. I had an 8-course Italian dinner.
Kate: Doug... You remember the summer when I broke my leg? Buddy was about 5. When she saw my cast, she ran away from me. After all the hysterical crying, you calmed her down -- remember what she said?
Doug: No.
Kate: "That's not my real mother. My real mother doesn't break."
Doug: Well, that won't wash, Kate. Buddy was 5 years old, you were her protector -- where are my shoes?
Kate: James is your protector.
Doug: What, from nightmares and bullies?
Kate: From aging. And death. Forgive me for being brutal, but when he goes, your childhood goes with him. You're next in line -- it's hard to face.
Doug: If you're finished...
Kate: James is breaking. He needs attention. Inside of each of us, there's a 5-year-old child who refuses to believe in breakable parents. You have to get rid of that 5-year-old. He won't go easily... It's the last precious bit of childhood illusion.
Doug: All this poetry because a man forgot to turn off one burner?
Kate: You want it in prose? Your father could've burned to death last night. Annie, too.
Doug: Well, they didn't. This whole conversation is pointless.
Kate: Oh, Doug!
Doug: I'm gonna jog. [gets up]
Kate: You mean, run.
Doug: Why didn't you tell me? You could've said something.
James: You wouldn't let me! What was I supposed to do -- slip it in? "Son, I'm getting senile, pass the salt"?