Coming Of Age

Buddy officially reaches puberty; Nancy is caught between Kate's resentment of her thoughtlessness, Peter's proposal of marriage, and a come-on from a complete stranger (Tommy Lee Jones).

Written by Elizabeth Clark; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by John Erman. David Hedison: Peter Towne. Tommy Lee Jones: David Needham. Michael David Schackelford: Timmy Maitland.

Kate: Bacon and eggs?
Doug: No, no, just coffee this morning.
Kate: Think twice. You may need your strength when I tell you what I'm gonna do today... I'm thinking of throttling Nancy.
Doug: Why today?
Kate: For openers, this: [reads] "Mom, my car wouldn't start. Took yours. This stuff has to go to the cleaners, and the shoes need heels. Return my books to the library, and pick up some suntan lotion. Love, Nancy. P.S.: Thanks. See you later."
Doug: How can you go to the cleaners if she took your car?
Kate: Always the realist, Doug.
Buddy [looking in fridge]: Mom, do we have any stomach stuff?
Kate: Not in there... What's the matter?
Buddy: I've got a headache. My stomach feels weird.
Kate: Probably a hangover from Audrey Pfeiffer's.
Buddy: A hangover from Kool-Aid?
Kate: Kool-Aid, pizza, marshmallows, potato chips...
Buddy: Yeah, I see what you mean.
Kate: You wonder about your stomach!
Buddy: Mom, I eat that stuff every day. My stomach gets upset if I don't.

[Kate is sitting on the couch, glass in hand, as Doug walks through the door.]
Doug: 'Lo, Kate.
Kate [feebly]: Hi.
Doug: Freeway was bumper to bumper. [reaches for her glass]
Kate: I need this one myself. In fact, I was thinking of getting drunk -- would you mind?
Doug: That depends. What's the occasion?
Kate: Our daughter is getting married.
Doug: You can't mean Buddy...
Kate: I'd feel better if it were Buddy!