Doug Lawrence

Successful lawyer, doting father, avid baseball fan, amateur magician. Played by James Broderick.

Kate Lawrence (née Skinner)

The portly, all-wise mother; resolver of all conflicts, healer of all wounds. Eventually got tired of just being a housewife, and went back to college for a music degree, then got a teaching job at her daughter's high school. Played by Sada Thompson (Emmy winner, 1978).

Nancy Lawrence Maitland

Eldest daughter, aspiring lawyer, soon-divorced mother of a young son. Through the miracle of re-casting, turned from a shy brunette into a glamorous blonde. Played by Elayne Heilveil (1976), Meredith Baxter Birney (1976-80).

Willie Lawrence

High-school drop-out, photographer, wannabe writer, periodically moonlighting as a contestant screener for a TV show called "The Dame Game." Played by Gary Frank.

Letitia ("Buddy") Lawrence

The all-American girl next door; naive at times, mature beyond her years at others. Affectionately called "Peaches" by Willie, "Tizzylish" by Kate. Played by Kristy McNichol (Emmy winner, 1977, 1979).

Andrea ("Annie") Cooper Lawrence

Wunderkind adopted by the Lawrences after her parents were killed in a car accident. Played by Quinn Cummings (1978-80).

Jeff Maitland

Nancy's ex-husband; likeable, but reckless. Played by John Rubinstein, who also wrote the theme song.

Timmy Lawrence

Drowned in a boating accident five years before the show began, traumatizing his parents and siblings for life. (Or, at least, for one episode, as he was hardly ever mentioned again.)

Timmy (Timothy Charles) Maitland

Nancy and Jeff's son, named after the other Timmy. Played by Michael David Schackelford.

Audrey Pfeiffer

Buddy's best friend, and the answer to the trivia question, "What did Buddy Lawrence and Kevin Arnold have in common?" Played by Louise Foley.

Salina Magee

Willie's one-time girlfriend, who, when they first met, was carrying some other guy's kid. Played by Season Hubley.

Alexandra ("Alex," "Big Al") Friel

Part-owner of a bakery (called "Your Just Desserts") where Buddy worked; Willie's girlfriend, for a while. Played by Jane Alice Brandon.

Lizzy Schiller

Willie's wife, for a brief period. Played by Brooke Adams.

Rachel Peters

Another of Willie's girlfriends, played by Devon Ericson.

T.J. Latimer

Buddy's first boyfriend, played by Willie Aames.

Zack ?

Buddy's second boyfriend, played by Leif Garrett.

Peter Towne

Nancy's former professor and one-time boyfriend, played by David Hedison.

Elaine Hogan

Kate's best friend, who always asked her to contribute to one charity or another. Played by Priscilla Morrill.

Mrs. Hanley

The nosy, do-nothing housekeeper, played by Mary Grace Canfield, et al.

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